We create
new communication

Almost Blue is a communication agency and a publishing house

Make yourself comfortable. There's a story to tell, Yours.

We use words and images that will find a place in the hearts of your customers.

In increasingly crowded and confusing markets, competition often boils down to the race between competitors. There is a way to get ahead of the field, to win without competing, and create a new way of doing things.


We are communication professionals, web marketing specialists and journalists.

We create new communication spaces inpiring by the Blue Ocean Strategy, building up Value for your brand.

If you want to begin a new journey to communicatewho you are, come visit us.

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Can't find the words?

What we do

  • Publishing

    We tell stories of people and businesses, creating new opportunities for dialogue.
    Branded content, e-books, web magazines, vertical channels dedicated to specific themes.

  • Innovation

    From an idea, we create brand definition projects that have the ability to generate business for our clients.
    Strategic brand positioning plans.

  • Integrated communication

    We believe in the strategy that merges with the realisation of ideas and which is measured with real-world results. We work to generate experiences through all points of contact with the target.
    Institutional campaigns, marketing communication activities and events.